Want to create sub-focus areas for which a responsible academic will be appointed. Post grad opportunities for the whole FP group will be identified and be populated in a systematic manner to ensure minimal conflict between supervisors competing for the same student pool.

All academic members of the institute will be responsible for obtaining funding from various sources to support the research objective.

Close cooperation will be maintained between academic departments from which the researchers emanate to support effective management of subject loading and departmental responsibilities.

Positions for post graduate students will be managed within the institute. Projects and post graduate students will be equally managed by the team members. The establishing of a chair in Friction Processing will form an integral part of the business plan of the next five years to support the objective.

Student selection and placement: Students will be selected based on academic performance and relevant background / experience in the field of materials / manufacturing.


The following table contains the planned outputs for the institute by 2012 which is aligned with the Faculty’s research strategy 2008-2012.

Outputs by 2012

Staff Qualifications (PhD/D)   7
Staff with NRF Rating   4
Research Chair   1
Registered M & D Students M 20
D 10
Post docs   5
Accredited journal publications / peer reviewed conferences   20
Women Academic (PhD)   2
Women Academic (Rating)   2
Black Academic (PhD)   2
Black Academic (Rating)   1
Research funding   50 units*

*Note: one unit = R70 000