The Unit is to support the Nelson Mandela University’s mission, to identify and serve the needs of the international / national friction processing community by contributing to sustainable development through high quality research, technology development and continuing human resource development.

Scope of the entity’s activities:


  • Engage in research to grow knowledge in the field of friction processing with a focus on process optimisation, modelling and material characterisation.
  • Development and optimization of innovative friction processing techniques.
  • Enhance publication rate in quality journals with high impact factors to strengthen the institute’s international standing.
  • Strengthening of the existing NRF manufacturing technology niche area.
  • To create a platform for expanding international collaboration through increased bilateral
    agreements with leading universities.

Human resource development

  • Create new research opportunities for post grad students.
  • Increased opportunities for post doc involvement.
  • Advancement of existing research infrastructure with good student supervision.
  • The development of globally recognised post grad students.
  • Attract leading international scientists to contribute to knowledge generation.
  • Retain the current expertise with the research group.

Technology development

  • Expand the boundaries of technology by means of technology analysis and innovation to align research outputs with industry needs.


The Unit proposes to achieve its objective of advancing Friction Processing (FP) through collective and multi/inter disciplinary collaboration. The expertise of the members in the institute will be mobilised to support initiatives around fast tracking human resource and technology development. An important criterion would be to maintain a focussed approach to research that will ensure international relevance of the group’s contribution to the broader scientific community.